About the perception zine

This zine, titled “Perception,” is something that my dad, my sister, and I all work on. The goal of the zine is really just to spread art. We take submissions of art from the artists we meet, and display their artwork over a backdrop of collages that we create. The zine is distributed in Tallahassee, FL, as well as to those who submit. Artists in the zine have come from all over the world.


Contact the zine makers

Any contact about the zine should be sent via email to perceptionzine@hotmail.com. Submit your visual or written art any time, ask questions about the zine, or order a copy!

Anyone is welcome to submit their art to be displayed in the zine, which can include text as well as visuals. In previous issues, we have gotten poems, comics, photographs, collages, drawings, paintings, photos of sculptures, articles, and quotes. Just keep in mind that the zine is for display in the public so we ask for minimal to no cussing and nudity. The zine is also printed in black and white with images no larger than a quarter of an 8.5×11 inch page, so please submit images that will still be legible when printed small and in black and white.

previous issues

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